Secret Neighbor Launches Tomorrow

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Did you hear? Secret Neighbor is launching on Steam and Xbox on October 24th, that's this Thursday! That's tomorrow! Exact launch times: Steam: 10am PST (Seattle) / 7pm CEST (Amsterdam) Xbox: Today at 4pm PST (Seattle) / 1am CEST (Amsterdam)

(I know that's technically today, but  for folks in Europe it's tomorrow) We're all very excited to bring the game to you. To get you started would you kindly watch this How To Play Video featuring lots and lots of gameplay footage.

I know you like gameplay footage. 

A how to play tutorial to get you started with Secret Neighbor

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The Facebook page also has a group which can be useful.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all in Secret Neighbor! Thanks for participating in the extensive testing, and I'm sure you'll love what you're seeing in the latest gameplay footage. Let us know in the comments! 

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