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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day Vamp Bloody well we are hoping this untested deck is good for us many days these guys play just playing to skin anyone its not about winning or losing or even rank many don't care if the cards weren't overpowered they would play at all they didn't before rotation .
"Lets see how far we can get today"

This was a Bloody day for Sure my Bloody this was as bad as I have seen in a while clear not how the game is meant to work.

ok well, all watch know how hard-fought a single win was, not that the deck I built couldn't hand the pressure when the shuffle worked it held it owns the biggest problem the shuffle would only give me 2 and 3 lands to work with every time.

we tried adding nearly a dozen more lands no good we changed a lot of the cards no good finally we changed the deck for mono Deck and what did we get 4 match alll with land flood 4 cards drawn 9 lands cast. no creatures or enchantments.

8 matches one win not even close to where 55% or even 70% win-loss all talk about this game is in need of heavy-duty rework when it comes to shuffling draw and matching.


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