Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day out for Blood OK today's quest of the day to cast 40 Lands we will be watching for that card of the day though most likely we will be shift deck a lot to find the best to get the lands cast

It usually takes a

wow one could say this one gave all there run for there bets we won several game just barely last min surprises .

.the last few days have been rough for the average standard decks in-game hopefully this will be better today this will balance a bit better

wow this Quest of the day was a big Challenge we managed to look like we were out for Blood no doubt about it however casting 40 lands cast that is a hard row to hoe thats a fact.

the Deck of the Day Out for Blood did us Proud we CHoose a card from this deck as the HEro Card of the Day that FLying Bird Spirit Tryed it Best for us Several times alway Returning more than took.

if you havent Seen Hero card of the day Check that Posts out I hope all F enjoy the Streams and Tip we have over each day this is mainly for the new player the vetrain players already have there own ways of doing things.

we do this Live Game of the Day stream every day between 10 am and 12 pm dont forget to like and follow our Facebook page @JadiriGamer turn on them notification don't miss a game or a tip we may share just what you need to hear next to become that stronger player ,



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