MTG Arena Game of the day Simic Combine

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day Simic Combine OK well we managed to pull today game of the day off and get it streamed.

They Are Really getting tough on the guys just out there for an hour or 2 just to complete a quest get a little level

.the quest of the day no problem like I thought to win was off a bit we did take the first match then they got tougher we went out after with the burning deck and picked up lost rank to finish off our day.

the Hero card of the day was fun to play and helped us in our fight to win in the end the decks we were against were well above anything we could answer back with today.

don't forget the BRAWL LAUNCH EVENT

October 24 game update, we're officially adding Constructed Brawl to MTG Arena. We will be celebrating with a special week-long Brawl event, where you can win a copy of five rare cards and their respective card styles. These cards were previously only available in MTG Arena through Wildcard redemption, as these cards were built for brawling and are not found in booster or Limited packs

To learn more about these formats, you can check out our event details page. Mark your calendars, because the festivities begin on November 3 with Artisan! For those who've done the math, three events with five card styles leaves more room for Adventures, and you'll find the remaining showcase cards available for purchase through the in-game store.

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