MTG Arena Hero Card of the day “Lotleth Giant”


Fandomfare Gamings MTG Arena Hero Card of the day is "Lotleth Giant" I think we all know what this is, This guy Best use later in the game not just because of the Land requirement though this is a small part of it This one when its cast does 1 damage to the Opponent every card in your Graveyard ok if your having a bad day this card can take you from loosening to winner before it ever fire an in combine himself

It usually takes a

This Hero Card of the day Loud and Flashy as he is well Zombie Giant and he takes a big bite from the game for his land cost

The Opponent will be wondering what hit them it can take them from 20 to 0 in a wink I promise to add this card to any deck is not waste no matter how good you believe you are

written on the card

Creature — Zombie Giant
6 / 5
Undergrowth — When Lotleth Giant enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to target opponent for each creature card in your graveyard.
"I prefer the big and looming to the small and skittering." — Cevraya, Golgari shaman

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