MTG Arena Game of the Day Its Adventure time

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the Day It's Adventure time T Hats Right our Deck of the day is a pre-made deck called adventure time, our Featured Deck of the day.

well this Game of the day was what I refer to as a cluster Fuk way stack against anything I could toss them from anywhere when I check my card I have not the one I seem to be getting matched with.

our Quest of the day 20 Creature Spells hoping this deck is up for the challenge I have played this before just never on this type of a quest

wow things are getting worse as far as game Balance goes many cards boost up other 4 and 5 times what they should be making player so missed matched they might as well be playing a whole different game..

I would have sworn when rotation came and edlraine released things would balance but it just seems to be making it worse Every day as we go on here.

yesterday in the Elderaine Constructed Event 4 Different Oppenets TOok me out of the Event Before I could get anything thing started with a single sideboard card in less than 4 turns each.anther was had card that was able to pump count on it power from 0 to 43 in one turn took One shot takes me out, I had them within 3 of winning my question where are the people who are supose to watch what get in the game so the balance odd should be the same for both sides for winning .

we will be back tomorrow even if it is as all say only mono-red deck stand any chance of winning, even they are only so strong '

We will be on the watch for our Hero Card of the day after this event so I hope you will say turned the fun never stops at fandomfare.#JadoroGamer#Fandomfare#Gameoftheday

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