MTG Arena Game of the Day ” Cult of Rakdos”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the Day Quest of the Day Red and black the Deck of the say a pre-made deck Cult of Rakdos this is a red and black deck we have used many times we have decided to Feature for you .this deck should get through the quest with little problem, as always we will be keeping our eye open for a hero card of the day this to should be no trouble this deck is load with many great cards

This Deck if It Gets a Far SHuffle Never false to Please it will go hard and Heavy for you to the Very End

This Deck of the day ay it as long as it gets a fair shake on the Shuffle or land Floods when that happens nobody wins no strategy necessary to beat someone with unplayable card Right. don't forget to look for the Hero Card of the day From this Game.

DOWNLOAD  Magic the Gathering Arena Free to Play

DOWNLOAD Magic the Gathering Arena Free to Play

we Encourage any who would like to the Grab the Decklist from out Facebook Page @JadiriGamer or from out Blog Make it Uniquely yours Take on the Arena.

Jadiri Gamer Has Live Stream of the Game of the Day every day of the day between 10 am and 12 pm Facebook @JadiriGamer.


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