MTG Arena Friend List Social Features Delayed


NTG Arena Announced ib the State of Beta that they Would Have the Game Client update with the Friend List and other social updates in October update however they have said it is bring delayed to Focus om  performance improvements and client health,

I know many were hoping for friends list and chat feature some I have seen discussing Deck trading which would be great for MTG Arena

Many Users has had endless completed about not being able to connect, disconnecting while Build decks for events in the m, FPS Drops, Memory Allocation

From the State of Beta, this was their MTGA Future Plans

We also know that this is one of our most highly anticipated features, and we want to make sure we do it right.
For those of you looking forward to this, we apologize for the delay. Everything we had previously announced for our social features remains on the roadmap (friends messaging, friend deck sharing), with the goal to expand these features beyond that (eight-person drafts, spectating, four-player formats, etc.) when the time comes.

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