MTG Arena Hero Card of the day “Enforcer Griffin”


Fandomfatre Gaming MTG Arena Hero Card of the day "Enforcer Griffin" Flying is its strength this is A good ome to have in your Stable as a mid game Clean up or Finishing Touches for your Offence

I know this Card doesn't seem like a Typical Hero card of the day but they all don't have to have flashy Mechanics they can and should be working togeather

Enforcer Griffin was used in our Deck of the day Angel Fire .this is a good one used later in the game it is a good finishing touch with a Nice little wall of Creatures Built-up it is 3/4 card power Not to easy on mana so you want to be sure when you cast this one but MTG Arena powerful Flying makes it hard to touch and block

.Enforcer Griffin Converted Mana Cost: 5

Color: White
Rarity: Commonon the card

Card Text:
Flavor Text:
"A company of infantry is trapped behind the lines. We need to strike hard and fast to free them, or the casualties will be horrific. Send the griffins."

one simply a powerful Offensive and defensive card Tha can see you Through, Jadiri Game has a Hero card of the Day From the Game of the day every in his Live Stream Between 10 AM and 12 pm on Facebook @jadirigamer Like and Follow our page keep them Notification turned on don;t miss a deck or Laugh or a single tip shared #JadiriGamer#Fandomfare#Herocard .

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