Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the Day Today we will be Using a Home Brew Deck of the Day I have used in the past for this Red and White Quest of the Day we called it Angel Fire I am not sure how we will di with this today But we Wanted to Feature it for you.

It usually takes a


this is One Deck List you Don't want to miss, I don't remember at what point we built this deck of the Day But it is Smokin

as ALWAYS WE encourage YOU TO get that decklist AVAILABLE on our Facebook page @JadiriGamer and on our Blog fandomfare.com

we will be keeping an eye out for the Hero Card of the day as we always do Let's Find out what this Deck can do Hopefully it will slice right through the challenge.

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well Angel Fire Was Much better Suited than I remember for the Daily quest, Also served up more red card than white which I find odd since this deck Leans Heavy on the Whiteside.

Angel Fire as hard-fought as it was Won the First match out of the Box. Like I said early this deck was not New we have used it in past weeks and this could make the difference it is starting to show New Deck just made tend to shuffle worse or not at all ..

we Live Stream the Game of the day Every day on Facebook @JadiriGamer Using a Feature Deck of the Day and try and Pic an MTG Arena Hero Card of the day from the deck.


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