Fandomfare Gaming MTG Arena Hero Card of the day "Vampire Opportunist" Creature — Vampire This Card nice to Be on the good side of yout opponent loses 2 while you gain 2 life add for to your deck we can play that game all day long,

It usually takes a

So you See the More things ROtate the More things Stay the Same Vampires Still Rule in Many situations  in the game of the day

So you See the More things Rotate the More things Stay the Same Vampires Still Rule in Many situations in the game of the day

always giving and taking This is an opportunistic Bloodthirsty Pet and for this Vampire Opportunist has made our MTG Arena Hero card of the day list its power is only 2/1 look like much of nothing but gives so much in return easy to slip out even if you know it won't make it back from battle takes what it needs on the way for it trouble win lose or draw.

Written on the card Vampire OpportunistVampire Opportunist

Each opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life.

Flavor Text:
"I think I cracked a fang."
2 / 1

This is from War of Sparks collection Jadiri Gamer Live Stream the MTG arena Game of the day every day between 10 am and 12 pm always watching for a hero of the Day From the Crafted decks

.as always we Encourage any who would like to get the decklist and Tweak it to there wildest dream see if it floats



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