Occult College Drama Knife Sisters is released for Linux today

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Knife Sisters, a visual novel about love, power and dependence, is released for Linux today at 10 am Pacific. The game is developed by Transcenders Media from Malmö, Sweden, and was originally released in April 2019, for Mac OSX and Windows on Steam and Itch.io.

In Knife Sisters, you play 19-year old Leo who gets drawn into a world of strange assignments and occult rituals by the artist Dagger. During gameplay

players make decisions related to power, consent and submission, have playdates with characters, and explore their own emotions as well as their moral compasses.

– Knife Sisters expands the limits for which stories that can be told through games, and who gets to be represented in them, says the game’s designer Bobbi A Sand.

About Transcenders Media

Transcenders Media develops story rich games about existential questions, exploring and questioning gender, relationships, identity and sexuality norms. Transcenders Media is run by Bobbi A Sand, author and game designer from Malmö. Knife Sisters is developed by a team of four experienced devs.

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