MTG Arena Game of the Day it’s “Adventure Time”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the Day it's Adventure TIme today Deck of the Day Green and Black we have 20 Spells to cast this should be no problem with this is loaded with a spell.

This Game of the Day turned into a big deal trying to get the deck to shuffle and finding winning combo

as always we will be watching fort ha Hero Card of the Day that card that many overlook that played with the Right cards by it shift shifts the balance of the whole game to a winning position.
today Challenge of the Day Grab the Decklist for Adventure Time and Bend it to your will do it works for your Strategy and style should you choose to Except the Challenge.

This Game of the Day was Insane really hoping they will find some balance in the game soon because some of these new cards are just too overpowering and overwhelming To Compete within standard Rank.

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