Stalin vs. Martians 4: Public Demo and New Screenshots

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KREMLINCORP Entertainment GmbH officially releases an official public demo of the official prequel to an award-winning space sim Stalin vs. Martians 5. The prequel is called Stalin vs. Martians 4 and it’s a fine game.

A month ago we released a subscribers-only demo. Now we make it available to general public. You can download it here:

The demo, obviously, shows work-in-progress stuff. It has 2 missions and some gameplay.

We also present you a new pack of screenshots, which shows (among other things) Mr. Stalin’s adventures in Candy Land.


Stalin vs. Martians 4 is a massively soloplayer action game which tells a story of the conflict between Stalin and the Martians. It has a narrative-based story with a plot and rich dialogues of humorous nature, which beautifully highlight the story’s narrative-based narrative and plot.

We’re 100% sure that Stalin vs. Martians 4 most probably will be released next year.

We also remind you that the game also has features and it’s very important.


KREMLINCORP Entertainment GmbH is an international business conglomerate which absorbed a previous developer Dreamlore.

KREMLINCORP Entertainment GmbH develops popular and multifaceted content in a myriad of areas, as well as creates highly original entertainment content through the use of IT technology and that kind of shit.

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