MTG Arena Game Of the Day Blue and white Creature Spells

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game Of the Day Blue and white Creature Spells
\We just tossed this Deck Togeather it is not Test at all.

MTG Arena Game of the Day This deck Breezed through this Creature Spell Quest the Like a Butter knife in melted BUtter it was definitely underestimated

the Deck of the day we call Spell Binder and as always we encourage a who wants to grab the Decklist Either on our Facebook Page @JadiriGamer or on our Fandomfare discord server Chat MTGA Planeswalkers and Improve on it as you like.
today MTG Arena Daily Quest is the case 20 Creature spells being untested, not sure this deck will be best just yet we may need to tweak as we go ourselves. we will be looking for that hero card of the day.

we still have not got the update there is suppose to be one we might get interrupted to do that update as we play I guess we will see.

Ok wow as I look now back at gameplay in the stream this Deck might have been a bigger threat than I gave it credit for I Not only won every match I won them when the opponent coneded 3 games to get us through the quest all three the match was conceded on.

Sorry the stream was so Short I guess we had good timing or maybe bad timing I guess it depends how you see it as I finished the last match Notice of the update was on my window here.

we Stream MTG Arena on facebook every day 7 days a week, we always Encourage all to grab that decklist and work it out to your liking. if you enjoy the streams Leran anything from our tips or Decals of the day Hero card of the day Like and Follow us @jadiriGamer turn on them notifications so you get notified when we post or go live with game streams.

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