Today's MTG Arena Deck Of the Day is aa Completely untested Home Brew Deck called Spell Binder for today's Qest which is to cast 20 Spells '

Really Hoping this one works well "Spell Binder" we had no time to test this one in advance welcome to MTG Arena Deck of the Day madness

Like I Pointed out this one is untested I have No Idea how these cards will do together Honestly they may Need some tweaking as we play together a combination that plays well together.

we will be watching as we play for the MTG Arena hero card of the day That stands out as the powerhouse for us many times it turn out to be the lone most pay the least attention to

Fandonfares deck of the day Decklist for Spell Binder

3 Law-Rune Enforcer (WAR) 20
2 Marauding Raptor (M20) 150
2 Renowned Weaponsmith (M20) 72
2 Loyal Pegasus (M20) 28
2 Starfield Mystic (M20) 39
2 Resolute Watchdog (RNA) 19
3 Blade Instructor (GRN) 1
4 Octoprophet (M20) 70
2 Fblthp, the Lost (WAR) 50
2 Forbidding Spirit (RNA) 9
2 Cloudkin Seer (M20) 54
1 Ajani's Pridemate (M19) 5
2 Hero of Precinct One (RNA) 11
3 Brineborn Cutthroat (M20) 50
3 Aven Eternal (WAR) 42
2 Cerulean Drake (M20) 53
1 Arrester's Zeal (RNA) 4
3 Luminous Bonds (RIX) 12
3 Ajani's Pridemate (WAR) 4
1 Faerie Guidemother (ELD) 11
4 Warden of Evos Isle (M20) 79
2 Concordia Pegasus (RNA) 7
3 Healer's Hawk (GRN) 14
1 Tithe Taker (RNA) 27
3 Boreal Elemental (M20) 49
2 Single Combat (WAR) 30
2 Murmuring Mystic (GRN) 45
2 Dungeon Geists (M20) 57
11 Plains (ANA) 61
11 Island (ANA) 62
2 Mountain (ANA) 64
4 Island (MI) 0
4 Plains (MI) 0

as always we encourage you to take the decklist and build or tweak it for yourself, for those who have not tried Magic the Gathering Arena it Free to Play and down Loaad you can join us in playing.

Jadiri Gamer comes with the MTG Arena Game of the Day every day ib Facebook @jadiriGamer with Live Gameplay please do follow out Channel and turn on them Notification Check out our Discord Server.

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