Fandomfare MTG Arena Deck of the Day is a Home Brew Deck I Named Fire and Ice it is a red and Blue Deck I put together a while ago for one of the Events on the last weeks.

we Built this Home Brew decks For one of the 2020 Events a few weeks Back Before Rotation and it held its own pretty good

the Quest of the day is Blue and Red Spells so this Fits the bill and we are going to feature ir in today's Fandomfare Game of the Day we do this each and every day between 10 am and 12 pm 7 days a week.

we will be watching for an MTG Arena Hero Card of the day From this Deck im Sure one will stand out this is a Pretty Hot HI flying deck with all the red and Blue Card Excitement most might expect from a standard 2020 Deck

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this is the Deck List FIRE & ICE

2 Infuriate (M20) 145
2 Scorch Spitter (M20) 159
3 Shock (M20) 160
2 Marauding Raptor (M20) 150
1 Finale of Promise (WAR) 127
2 Chandra's Embercat (M20) 129
12 Mountain (ANA) 64
2 Burning Prophet (WAR) 117
3 Ember Hauler (M20) 137
2 Goblin Bird-Grabber (M20) 142
2 Chandra's Spitfire (M20) 132
3 Act of Treason (M20) 124
2 Pack Mastiff (M20) 152
2 Devouring Hellion (WAR) 124
3 Ahn-Crop Invader (WAR) 113
1 Leyline of Combustion (M20) 148
2 Demolish (WAR) 123
3 Chandra's Outrage (M20) 130
3 Wildfire Elemental (M20) 297
1 Chandra, Flame's Fury (M20) 294
2 Chandra's Flame Wave (M20) 295
2 Renowned Weaponsmith (M20) 72
12 Island (ANA) 62
4 Boreal Elemental (M20) 49
2 Faerie Miscreant (M20) 58
2 Spectral Sailor (M20) 76
2 Negate (M20) 69
2 Moat Piranhas (M20) 67
2 Metropolis Sprite (M20) 66
2 Aven Eternal (WAR) 42
2 Silent Submersible (WAR) 66
2 Octoprophet (M20) 70
3 Dungeon Geists (M20) 57
2 Atemsis, All-Seeing (M20) 46
1 Totally Lost (WAR) 74
2 Thunder Drake (WAR) 73
5 Island (WAR) 253
4 Mountain (WAR) 259

as always we encourage you to take our Decklist use it improves on it Leet us know what you think of it how you might make it better, Keeping in mind our Deck of the Day most of them Built on the fly they are not meta don't take weeks to get Wild card or anything they are built from the collection we already have built .

Jadiri Game will be around Later WIth the Fandonefare Game Of the Day keep them Notification turned on. Facebook @JadiriGamer

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