Today's Home Brew MTG Arena Deck of the Day I called ANGEL RADIO because it Broadcasts its Spells and its Target.

It usually takes a

Today's Home Brew MTG Arena Deck of the Day I called ANGEL RADIO because it Broadcasts its Spells and its Target.

Here to Hope our Home Brew Deck of the Day work as well as flying Death touch worked for us

Angel Radio is a Green and white deck built for Todays MTG Arena Daily Quest cast 20 Green and White Spells. Join us later for the Fandonfare Gaming Game of the Day With Jadiri Gamer we'll Bracast a Spell on you ;

Don't forget we will be Watching for the Hero Card of the Day as we Live Stream our Game Play Later Today Between 10 am and 12 pm EST Right Here on Richard Dambrosi - Jadiri Gamerr @JadiriGamer

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Angel Radio's Deck List

2 Starfield Mystic (M20) 39
12 Plains (ANA) 61
2 Angelic Reward (ANA) 1
1 Gargos, Vicious Watcher (M20) 172
1 Arrester's Zeal (RNA) 4
3 Archway Angel (RNA) 3
2 Veil of Summer (M20) 198
3 Defiant Strike (WAR) 9
12 Forest (ANA) 65
1 Faerie Guidemother (ELD) 11
2 Charmed Stray (WAR) 8
2 Healer's Hawk (GRN) 14
2 Tactical Advantage (ANA) 12
3 Ajani's Pridemate (WAR) 4
1 All That Glitters (ELD) 2
1 Ajani's Pridemate (M19) 5
2 Angelic Gift (M20) 5
2 Serra Angel (ANA) 9
2 Concordia Pegasus (RNA) 7
1 Shepherd of the Flock (ELD) 28
1 Giant Growth (WAR) 162
1 Flaxen Intruder (ELD) 155
3 Sedge Scorpion (M20) 192
2 Greenwood Sentinel (M19) 187
2 Growth Cycle (M20) 175
2 Devkarin Dissident (GRN) 127
2 Paradise Druid (WAR) 171
3 Kraul Harpooner (GRN) 136
2 Rabid Bite (M19) 195
2 Snarespinner (WAR) 176
1 Territorial Boar (RNA) 145
2 Centaur Courser (M19) 171
3 Kraul Stinger (WAR) 165
1 Oakenform (M19) 191
2 Netcaster Spider (M20) 184
2 Thrashing Brontodon (RIX) 148
3 Vivien's Grizzly (WAR) 182
5 Forest (MI) 0
6 Plains (MI) 0
3 Angel of Vitality (M20) 4
2 Sunblade Angel (WAR) 31
1 Serra's Guardian (M19) 284

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