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Night Lights, a PC strategy platformer by indie developer Meridian4 is available for purchase from Steam. In Night Lights you take on the role of a tiny robot and manipulate light and darkness to solve intricate puzzles. During its demo stage, it was picked up and played by famous YouTube personalities Markiplier and jacksepticeye who praised it for its ingenious mechanics. The game’s unique art style, as well as calming music, is perfect for relaxing after a long and hard day.

Now with a 15% discount until October 14th


Recently, Night Lights received 15 new Steam achievements, language support for French, Simplified Chinese, and Russian, and currently has a 15% discount on Steam until October 14th, so it’s a perfect time to buy it for yourself or your friends.

The new Steam achievements can be earned if you explore all areas of the game and collect lightning bolts. Additionally, be on the lookout for the mysterious Lightspeed achievement.

Founded in 2004, Meridian4 is an indie game publisher and developer from Montreal, Canada. Besides developing Night Lights on their own, they’ve published, marketed and released games such as Gunheim, Avencast – Rise of the Mage, Schein and many more fun, quality games.


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