Fandomfare Gaming MTG Arena Game Of The Day DOTD Angel Radio ok here we are I have been preparing for this the last 5 hours the Deck of the Day another Home Brew deck built mostly on the Fly I called it Angel Radio Whote and green are its colors Find the Decklist on facebook @JadiriGamer or on our Blog we are ready for action we are playing the daily quest in-play platform no Rank will be gained or lost
Ok for all actually watched and were paying attention THought this Quest of the Day ENded on a hight Not In this stream We played the wrong Deck THis is Not Angel Radio at all this is the Deck I build yesterday Flying Deathtouch.

What A Great Deck to Fad for my Game of the Deck I mixed them up I switched From ranked to Play Platform and forgot to Change to the Deck of the Day

I assure you we did play our Deck of the Day we nor only built it and Played it at 4 in the morning to test and Tweak which is where I picked the Hero Card (s) of the Day From we also had sone Gameplay with it on TwitchT on our Fandomfare channel. our results with this deck were great needs work but it did the job,.

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I would Like to get the hero card from yesterday and today in a single deck and A few others I have an Idea would work together well in one Crazy Life Link Count Booting Delco For another Day though maybe tomorrow it really Depend on the Quest , Story for the Confusion This is what happens when you up Deck Building in the middle of the night planning Deck of the Day.

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