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Today's Fandomfare MTG Arena Deck of the Day is one I have built myself this deck is untested as of yet I like to call it flying Deathtouch, for Obvious reason, it is a black and white standard deck Mostly. for the fandomfare MTG Arena Game of the Day with Jadiri Gamer

this was a test of our Fandomfare Deck of the day using play mode is a bit of a nightmare but overall a good test Season 1 Throne of Eldraine

Watch Jadiri Gamer and THe MTG Area Game of the day Faying Deathtouch from fandomfare on

We are Stepping out on Faith today Build our Own Deck of the day, we shall call flying Deathtouch Sunday MTGA Game of the Day

Very untested I have no idea right now how this will work in our Quest of the day of casting 30 Black and white Spells it could need tweaking and shifting deck to get through this one.

This is the First MTG Arena Deck of the day I Have built for the MTG Arena Daily Quest in a long time really hoping the game shuffling and all will cooperate for us to have a great stream. Sitting and being someone pin cushion because shuffle feeds you no land or all lands is not grat promotion for this game not much fun for anyone.

DownLoad Magic: The Gathering Arena Free TO Play

flying Death touch Deck List

1 Seraph of the Scales (RNA) 205
6 Island (ANA) 62
5 Plains (ANA) 61
2 Nightveil Predator (GRN) 191
13 Swamp (ANA) 63
1 Alela, Artful Provocateur (ELD) 324
1 Embodiment of Agonies (M20) 98
2 Knight of the Ebon Legion (M20) 105
4 Malevolent Noble (ELD) 95
3 Bloodthirsty Aerialist (M20) 91
2 Blightbeetle (M20) 87
1 Spawn of Mayhem (RNA) 85
3 Spinal Centipede (GRN) 86
2 Dimir Spybug (GRN) 166
1 Child of Night (M19) 89
3 Barony Vampire (M20) 85
3 Epicure of Blood (M20) 99
2 Bloodmist Infiltrator (RNA) 65
2 Thirsting Bloodlord (M20) 293
1 Sorin's Guide (M20) 292
2 The Haunt of Hightower (RNA) 273
2 Vizkopa Vampire (RNA) 220
1 Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord (WAR) 217
5 Swamp (MI) 0
3 Plains (MI) 0
4 Island (MI) 0

Jadiri Gamer WIll Be up Soon With fandomfare Sundays MTG Arena Game of the day Hope you will Jon US.

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