well this MTG Arena event starts at 11 PM On the East Coast here in Canada a bit on the late side I am still hoping to get a few matches in before passing out for the night this only run for 30 hours and we are going to need every one of them to do what we can.

OK, guys, we are watching the count down on this one for sure this is one of the events we should all be working to be a part of it is not only free all the Standard 2020 cards as a reward

I am hoping to find a way to get then 12 games hopefully Luck will be with us because, to be honest, I have never won 12 games ina row 3 isss my limit every time this will be the challenge

It usually takes a

Win Every Card Challenge
Oct 5 @ 8PM PT – Oct 7 @ 8AM PT
Play in the finale event for a chance to win one of every single card in Standard!

No entry fee / One-time only
Access to ALL Standard cards
Play until 12 wins or 2 losses
Hurry! Event only lasts 36 hours
All participants receive a prize

I have no idea what Deck I could possibly use to beat this 12 ganes with 2 or less losses , what I do know is the game haa pattern of three win then gove you 3 or more losses without fail this pattern has never changed for me in all the time I have Played MTG Arena But I am going to try hard to make this happen over the next hours to win the cards

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