The Tiny Bang Story Arrives Today on Nintendo Switch

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Publisher Ellada Games and developer Colibri Games today released The Tiny Bang Story on the Nintendo Switch. The game, which Rock, Paper, Shotgun listed as one of “The 25 Best Puzzle Games Ever Made”, tells the story of the Tiny Planet, which is shattered into dozens of puzzle pieces by a rogue meteor. It’s up to the player to use their investigation skills and ingenuity to gather the items needed to restore Tiny Planet to its former glory. A gorgeous hand-drawn art style combines with an almost mystical soundtrack to engage players in a calming yet engrossing gameplay experience.

The Tiny Planet Needs Help! Seek Adventure and Solve Puzzles in this new Switch Title

The Tiny Bang Story is such a wonderful game, and we couldn’t be more pleased to take part in bringing it to Switch fans,” said Andrey Arutyunyan, Co-Founder of Ellada Games. “Since its previous launch on PC, the game has earned accolades from players and media alike, and we expect nothing less of the portable release on Switch.”The peaceful life of Tiny Planet was thrown into disarray after being hit by a catastrophic meteor, fragmenting the world into a literal jigsaw of puzzle-like pieces. Now, players must use their keen sense of observation to search for clues and lost items and restore the planet to a new era of tranquility. Featuring an atmospheric soundtrack to guide players’ journeys through five chapters of picturesque environments, they must rely on their ingenuity and creative thinking to collect pieces of the world, repair mechanisms and solve puzzles to unlock new, mysterious places to explore.

A press kit with new screenshots, videos, and logos is available here:


Established in 2013 by a team of friends, Ellada Games is an independent game development studio and publisher on PC and console. Current titles published or developed by Ellada include The Tiny Bang Story, Braveland Trilogy, and Niffelheim. Ellada’s team is united not only by friendship and family bonds, but by their love of games and game development. 

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