Update in Ragnarok Online: the dungeons Kunlun and Louyang are here

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The 4game platform announces the latest update of Ragnarok Online. It includes the new locations Kunlun and Louyang and special events - Oktoberfest and Chest of Envy. Adventures, monsters, bosses and loot awaits the valiant heroes of Midgard. 


Kunlun offers players a dungeon with three levels of difficulty on par with the indescribable beauty of the city itself. The first level

the Shi Wan Mu Sanctuary is populated by monsters. The second level is called the “Go board” and will allow players to walk among the clouds. At the third one players will meet the boss Evil Snake Lord.

That’s not the only sight to see in Kunlun. Players could pick up quests that will let them explore the cities history and the world as a whole. Don’t forget to stop over at the Monsters Arena to challenge yourself.

Louyang — the so-called “Dragon’s Castle” surrounded by a stone wall. Visit the watchtower and learn more about the local martial arts school. Connoisseurs can taste the best food in the city in the tavern. Steal the soup for a local, ascend the mountain and scream at the world: several interesting quests can be also found in Louyang.

The Royal Tomb can be found just outside the city. Monsters dwelling on the first and second levels are excellent sources of valuable loot and gold. The MVP White Lady awaits heroes on the third level in the Sheng Yang Palace.

Let’s celebrate the Oktoberfest!

Players could enjoy the Oktoberfest-inspired event “Legendary Sommelier of Midgard”. Midgarts can find a cup of crafted beer in their RodEx inbox along with an invitation for a quest with a very valuable reward. Event will continue until the 9th of October.

New PvP event 

Also, fans of PvP can meet up the Arena fighter and challenge other players for a Silvervine-stuffed chest at stake. Brand new event is going to start on the 5th of October, 21:00 CEST.

Learn more about the update

on the official Forum - https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/665645

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