The Spectre Files: Deathstalker (Arcade) By Galloping Ghost Productions and Game Refuge

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"Local woman Buffy McGuffin has gone missing. She was last seen walking her dog around the old Derhatchett Institute. Strapped for cash, seasoned detective Ed Spectre takes on the case all alone. However, the only discovery Spectre will make is that someone has been expecting him for dinner. What lies around the corner? The choice is yours!"

A resurrected "B-Movie" Full-Motion Video adventure perfect for the month of October!

The "lost LaserDisc game" circa 1985
Galloping Productions" alt="Ghost Productions">Ghost Productions and Game Refuge teamed up to resurrect this thriller. Recaptured digitized film takes you through the mystery as you control an interactive theater. You choose the outcome of every situation, and control the story. Discover all of the possibilities around every corner and in every room of the haunted Derhatchett Institute.
The Spectre Files: Deathstalker is a creation of industry pioneer Brian F. Colin (Arch Rivals, Xenophobe, Rampage, General Chaos and more). This revived Full-Motion Video (FMV) title is a B-movie adventure/horror game that was fully filmed on 16mm reels in 1984 for an intended video disc arcade release by a major arcade publisher, but the game was canceled before development could be completed.
Thirty years later, Brian Colin connected with arcade company Galloping Ghost Productions, and the collaboration resulted in the completion of the game and an arcade cabinet in 2016. The Spectre Files has received much positive feedback from players, and it was recognized with a Midwest Gaming Classic Single-Player Game Best of Show award at 2019's event. Starting life as a one-of-a-kind cabinet playable at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, Galloping Ghost Productions has since produced limited edition cabinets for sale that have landed in arcades in states such as Utah and Ohio, with more locations to come!

  • Make all of the decisions in this interactive movie, displayed using the restored 1980s footage. Inspired by Colin's love of vintage horror films, The Spectre Files has players encountering multiple monsters and psychopaths as they search the run-down Derhatchett Institute for items and clues.
  • Multiple paths unfold based on the player's choices, and earlier choices can potentially affect situations encountered later in the game. There are multiple ways to reach the game's conclusions, resulting in replayability that stretches over nearly 80 minutes of film footage.
  • The full motion video footage is tied together by an original user interface designed with Brian Colin's signature art style.
  • Quick decisions and thorough exploration are rewarded with more points for the player. A high score table allows players to compete for a personal best performance while comparing scores with others on the same cabinet.


  • Newly-constructed limited edition cabinets are based off the CED disc cabinet design introduced in the 1980s that would have housed the original release of the game.
  • A headphone jack is included on the cabinet for those who want to plug in and be further engrossed by the game's narration and audio.
  • Operator settings are included to cater to both arcade venues and personal collectors.
  • For arcade venues, a purchase includes promo kits with posters and flyers, and Galloping Ghost will support the venue with social media marketing to show the machine is available at your location.

Web sites and publications seeking Halloween-themed content for October are encouraged to reach out to Galloping Ghost Productions and Game Refuge for possible interviews with those involved in the restoration of this "lost" horror game. Those seeking to purchase The Spectre Files: Deathstalker can also contact Galloping Ghost Productions for more information.
Email Doc Mack at Galloping Ghost Productions/Arcade at [email protected] with any inquiries.
An archived live stream featuring Doc Mack and Brian Colin with the game is also available to share at
Galloping Ghost Productions
Galloping Ghost Productions is owned and operated by Doc Mack, who entered the industry to use his background in graphic design, production, video editing, music and audio recording, writing, costume and prop creation, web design, technologies and marketing to help U.S. arcades. He owns and operates Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, which, nearly 10 years later, offers more than 700 arcade games to visitors. He and his Productions team has released The Spectre Files: Deathstalker, and the digitized arcade fighting game Dark Presence is also nearing completion. Visit or search "Galloping Ghost Productions" on Facebook for more company information.

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