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 We Were Here Too, the second entry in the We Were Here series, released today on Xbox/ One! With the first two games now released, the stage is set for the upcoming third entry – We Were Here Together - to arrive on Xbox One in early 2020.


The second game in the We Were Here series arrives on Xbox One.

Talk, solve… escape?
You and a partner are Antarctic explorers who find themselves trapped inside a mysterious medieval castle deep in the frozen wastes. The two of you are split up and confronted by a series of puzzles – with only your wits and walkie-talkies, can you figure out how to escape? It’s all about observation and communication in We Were Here Too, the second entry in the We Were Here series!

Players can try out We Were Here already, it’s still free to download for Xbox Gold members! The story of the sinister Castle Rock continues in the second entry We Were Here Too, though the games can be played separately and in any order. The games offer a digital escape room experience, perfect for a night in! We Were Here Too introduces new challenges and puzzles, which will make escaping a real challenge, especially if you planned to escape together…  

We Were Here Together coming to Xbox One and PC
With over 1,500,000 downloads of the prequel game We Were Here and more than 500,000 copies of We Were Here Too sold, it’s almost time for the third entry in the series to see the light of day!
We Were Here Together will release on PC via Steam in just one more week on October 10. What’s more, an Xbox One release is today confirmed for early next year. It will be the largest entry in the series so far, and features new gameplay mechanics, stunning outdoor locations, more coop puzzles and a deeper look into the story of Castle Rock.

Official website: http://TotalMayhemGames.com

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