The horror of Fear the Dark Unknown prepares its launch on Steam

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Dreamlight Games has announced that Fear the Dark Unknown will be available from October 25, 2019 for PC through Steam, whose page is now available to add it to your wishlist.

Through the eyes of James and Chloe Sullivan we will live two intense adventures with an approximate duration, according to their creators, of 16 hours.

The game is set in the Beresford mansion, which we can visit at different ages to learn about the mysteries that surrounded all its former inhabitants. From its construction in 1800 by the local merchant Robert Beresford, to its transformation into a hotel at the end of 1920. Death will be a constant throughout the game, not only because of the strange creatures we will have to fight, but also because of the number of traps the mansion will force us to overcome. The survival clock went off as soon as James and Chloe arrive to the mansion, and it can no longer be stopped. Only by knowing its true inhabitant will they know the true horror they face.

As confirmed by its creators, this new survival horror comes with the intention of recovering the most classic style of the genre, remembering the gameplay of the great sagas and including some nods to other known works of horror. Here we leave you with his latest trailer:


Dreamlight Games is an indie studio born in Valencia, Spain in mid 2017.

For our first project, Fear the Dark Unknown, we decided to go back to the roots of survival horror in 3D but with a technological facelift. Mixing the atmosphere of Alone in the Dark (1992), the psychological terror and drama of Silent Hill 2 (2001) and the gameplay of Resident Evil (1996), we created our own version of a survival horror videogame.


Steam page:

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