Mondays Edition of the MTG Arena Daily challenge

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Jadiri Gamer Mondays Edition of MTGA Challenge Black and green are the colored spells for us to cast Lots of weekly XP to scoop up we have a long way to go and a short time to get there.
wow sorry for the issues in the first Live stream we forgot the starting soon tile was there we are trying to get things back in order with our new Equipment that seems to be handling thing very well we had taken the starting ending tiles down to save all the memory we could with our older laptop gonna take time to get used to that again.

Jadiri Gamer "Wow we really messed up a bit todays the only daily challenge it seems is remembering to put the starting soon tile away before starting"

we took another shot at the 2020 Ranked draft and we actually won a match I don't mind putting out the 5000 gold for that a few times it pays us back in a few gems and that good with me MYG Arena gems as good as cash, anyway we bailed on the last round with one loss left we have things to do every afternoon we will try to get that later on if we can .

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Our Deck of the Day didn't slow us from getting the quest done however our rank is still not moving up as good as it should though we have not been playing as hard in the last day as we might at other times working on other things soon MTG Arena will get its big day with my attention but this last few week has been busy.
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