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Independent studio PAPAYA GAMES is proud to announce the worldwide release of Duck in Town – A Rising Knight in the Steam and game stores for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Duck in Town

A Rising Knight is a 3D comedy adventure game heavily inspired by the classic’s of the genre.

Play as a cute duck,Dickson, who arrives at Town with one goal in mind: to become the greatest Knight ever. To achieve his dream, Duckson will have to meet the quirky villagers
of Town, learn about its history and mysteries, and discover the secrets of the past
conflict between ducks and pigeons. Prove you’re worth the title by helping villagers,
discovering unique items and winning the squawk contest!Duck in Town – A Rising Knight began as a project of two students from Sevilla, Spain fans of adventure / point&click games, especially in its 3D era. Because of this, the game greatly resembles the unique humor from the classics of the genre. Journalists interested in further information or additional assets, including review copies, are welcome to contact the developers by sending an email to [email protected]
 Members of the press are likewise encouraged to visit the following links for the latest news and information. Steam:

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