Driven Out Releases on the 18th of October for PS4, XboxOne and STEAM

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The unforgiving 2D sword-fighting adventure “Driven Out” finally releases this month on October 18th. After more than 3 years of development, the game is ready for prime time.

The game features retro pixelart graphics that brings us back to the 16-bit era and a deep combat system paired with a movable and destructible checkpoint system that gives the game a unique flair.

The game focuses on the pure joy of facing difficult and unique foes. Without any loot or any kind of character progression system the players must rely on their own skills to prevail. Fight over 30 different fantastical creatures in a seamless world without any in-game load screen.

Preview and Review codes are available for PS4, XboxOne and STEAM. Please e-mail [email protected] if your publication is interested.

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