Jadiri Gamer we are just testing new fall season

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Jadiri Gamer we are just testing our new set up and getting ready for a new fall season of MTG Arena on Fandomfare Gaming, we discovered the Hero of the day while testing Chandra "Flame's Fury Gave us our one and only wins of the Day this Funday Sunday

We Are just testing some new stream setups here for our new fall season discovering Old and New MTG Arena Heros along the way

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I know many hate this MTGA PlanesWalker this one has 3 Strikes RED- Mono -BUrn Deck BUt I can tell you Learn how to Cast and Weave this defense and not much is getting past it.

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Get on the Wrong Side of this PlanesWalker and you will be a roasted pepper its will Dehydrate your deck of the day onto Paprika. some days it is the only way to even up the sides and get a single win for the day.

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