​​​​​​​Skybolt Zack to launch first “Crowd Scored” scheme with free content for all players


 Hot on the heels of a hugely successful showing at Gamescom 2019, Green Man Gaming Publishing and DEVS MUST DIE today revealed plans for a unique take on launch discounts and community engagement in the lead up to the launch of Skybolt Zack for PC and Nintendo Switch.


​​​​​​​Green Man Gaming Publishing announces new “crowd scoring” reward demo coming soon for Skybolt Zack

Designed to reward the entire community and encourage sharing of the demo, every player score will contribute to a running total which will unlock a tiered reward scheme including 5% to 15% launch week discounts and free soundtrack download for everyone.

Launching on Friday 4th October, the demo will be available from Steam with scores contributing to the running total, with registered players notified when milestones are met.

The demo challenge will run for two weeks leading up to the game’s launch on 24th October.

Full details of the Crowd Scored Demo Challenge and tiers can be found on the Steam community page for the game here - https://steamcommunity.com/app/909670

Skybolt Zack; an all new take on high speed, reflex testing, platform action born out of ISART Digital, the Parisian video game school; marks Green Man Gaming Publishing’s first ever console release launching simultaneously for Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC ($19.99, £15.49, €16,79) on 24th October. 

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