The Surge 2 is out now! Slice and dice your way to release with the brand new Launch Trailer!

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Hardcore Action-RPG The Surge 2’s blend of limb-chopping combat and post-apocalyptic exploration releases today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Home Interactive are delighted to deliver a sequel enjoyable by all - either for its incredible standalone story and gameplay, or how it builds and improves upon The Surge in every way. Check out our launch trailer for just a taste of the fast-paced action.

Happy launch day (well, technically, in North America it was last night with the time zones, but let's pretend, shall we?)! After getting in a small, second batch of codes, we're about to get our last handful out now — get your request in or forever hold your

The Surge 2 presents a harsh, sci-fi, dystopian world to explore and survive.
Create your own character and decide how to approach the hardcore melee
combat, putting your reactions and RPG character-building skills to the
test. Deep character
progression and customization lets you decide how to equip yourself and
handle enemies - with many additions over the original game
including challenging but rewarding directional parries and companion
drones with dozens of uses. Limb-targeting and executions return new and
improved, so get ready to target, loot, and equip everything you see on
your enemies.

Pre-orders are now available on
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and come with the URBN Gear Pack,
which includes a new armor set, two new weapons, and other cosmetics and

The Surge 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information, visit

Review codes are available. For regions outside of NA/SA, please contact:

About The Surge 2

After the success of The Surge, the hardcore Action
RPG released in May 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Focus Home
Interactive and Deck 13 are happy to announce the renewal of their
partnership and the development of The Surge 2, with a release date
planned for September 24, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

Surge 2 keeps what fans and critics loved about the original – hardcore
combat utilizing a unique, dynamic limb targeting system and deep
character progression – while also expanding greatly upon the formula.
The Surge 2 takes place in a brand new environment: a sprawling,
devastated city with larger and more ambitious level design, made
possible by Deck13’s upgraded and improved engine. Combat is more brutal
and tactical than ever, with even more options thanks to an expanded
limb targeting system. In addition, more abilities, weapons, implants,
and drones give players a vast arsenal to build their character with, in
their fight against the array of diverse new enemies and bosses. 

The Surge 2 will release on September 24, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


New entry in the acclaimed Action-RPG franchise.


Hardcore, brutal, and unforgiving melee combat.


Spectacular fights against deadly foes and colossal bosses.


Improved loot, limb-targeting, and progression mechanics.


Hundreds of ways to customize your character and their exo-rig.

About Deck 13

Deck13 Interactive
is one of Germany’s leading developers with more than 18 years of
experience. With over 60 employees located in Frankfurt, Deck13
Interactive has developed upwards of 20 titles, including major releases
such as The Surge and Lords of the Fallen. Currently the team is
working on The Surge 2.

More information on the website:

About Maximum Games

Maximum Games
ranks as a top 15 global video game publisher of interactive digital
entertainment spanning all genres and supporting multi-platforms. The
company's mission is to provide a proven and strong hands-on approach to
publishing, marketing and distribution. Established in 2009, the
company is led by female entrepreneur Christina Seelye, a seasoned
executive of digital consumer products and channel marketing. Under
Seelye's leadership, the company has been recognized with numerous
awards such as “Fastest Growing Tech Company” by American Business
Awards, and has made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private
Companies for the past two years. Maximum Games has offices in both the
US and UK, and continues to expand its scope of global publishing and
distribution via direct reach and strategic partnerships.

More information on the website:

About Nvidia

NVDA) invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming
market, redefined modern computer graphics and revolutionized parallel
computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI -- the
next era of computing -- with the GPU acting as the brain of computers,
robots and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world.
Today, NVIDIA is increasingly known as "the AI computing company."

More information on the website:

About Focus Home Interactive

Focus Home Interactive is a French publisher based in
Paris, France. Known for the quality, diversity and originality of its
catalog, Focus has published and distributed original titles (A Plague
Tale: Innocence, Vampyr, Farming Simulator, Call of Cthulhu, Insurgency:
Sandstorm, MudRunner, GreedFall…) that have become benchmark titles
worldwide, available both in store and for download across the world.
Focus publishes games on all major platforms, consoles and PC. The
publisher's catalog will get even richer the coming months and years
with eagerly awaited games such as The Surge 2, SnowRunner, and many

More information on the website:

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