Play Paladins What’s up in the Realm the week of September 23-29

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Whatts happening in the Realm of the Paladins this week Fandomfare is going to do its best in the coming day to begin playing and Live Streaming some of the adventures from the game as we learn to play this game. Seeking our own Tricks and Tips as we go.

The Happening in world of Paladins For the week ending September 29th

We’re droppin’ anchor and landing on another This Week in the Realm! What’s new this week:

  • Twitch Tuesdays returns, who will we feature this week?
  • The final days of the Time Warp event are upon us.
  • More intense PPL matches are going down this week, tune in!
  • New Champion Weekend event (more details to come!)


  • 4AM ET | Time Warp: First Win of the Day - Grunge Imani Spray



  • 4AM ET | Time Warp: First Win of the Day - Celebrity Io Avatar


  • 4AM ET | Time Warp: First Win of the Day - 50,000 Gold
  • 4AM ET | Time Warp: 2X Battle Pass Experience
  • 11AM ET | Paladins Pro League: Spacestation Gaming vs. Team Envy
  • 1PM ET | Paladins Pro League: Pittsburgh Knights vs. Natus Vincere
  • 3PM ET | Paladins Pro League: Kanga Esports v. Spacestation Gaming


  • 1PM ET | Paladins Pro League: Pittsburgh Knights vs. Kanga Esports
  • 3PM ET | Paladins Pro League: Natus Vincere vs. Spacestation Gaming
  • 4AM ET | Champion Weekend: Evie (details coming soon!)


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