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Are you aware, that according to a recent study,
published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, about
27% - or in numbers: more than 28.000 - of animal species on our planet
Earth are threatened with irreversible extinction? That’s thousands of
species such as Rhinos, Lions, Tigers, Seals, and Bears, jeopardized by
pollution, hunting and the ever increasing loss of their natural

Due To The Carelessness Of Mankind, You Play The Last Fox On Earth in "Endling – Extinction Is Forever"

now, mankind, in its neverending effort to ravage the planet, has
brought even the beautiful and cunning foxes - one of the most adaptable
creatures of the animal kingdom - close to extinction. It will be your
mission to safely guide a fox mother, the last of her kind, and her
three vulnerable cubs through the dystopian future of an exploited
Earth, where there is barely enough room or food for them to survive. On
her journey to find the last safe haven, the vixen has to be sly to
avoid hunters, find and gather food for her family, and overcome all
dangers that lie ahead.

While leading the skulk to
safety, the pups will grow (level up), learn new helpful skills and get
stronger. As your challenges increase, so will the stakes of your
decisions of how to protect your younglings from looming perma-death.
Can you give this Endling a last glimmer of hope?

are truly and deeply worried about climate change and natural disasters
caused by humans. This game aims to help raise awareness about real
environmental issues."

Endling – Extinction is
Forever is a sidescrolling 3D survival adventure developed by Spanish
Herobeat Studios for PC, Xbox® One, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™
and scheduled to release in 2021. The game is powered by Unreal Engine

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About Endling – Extinction is Forever

what life would be like in a world ravaged by mankind through the eyes
of the last fox on Earth in this eco-conscious adventure. Discover the
destructive force of the human race, as it corrupts, pollutes and
exploits the most precious and valuable resources of the natural
environments day by day. Explore Endling's 3D side-scrolling world and
use the cover of night to stealthily guide your litter towards a safer


  • Explore devastated environments based on real current issues.
  • Hunt other animals to feed your cubs and avoid becoming the prey.
  • Put your survival instinct to the test and get involved in emotionally taxing decisions.
  • Bring your pups to the last safe haven where humans cannot harm them.
  • Care for your cubs, feed them, and teach them new skills to make them less vulnerable.
  • Survive!

About Herobeat Studios

Studios is an independent video game studio based in Barcelona, Spain.
The team is composed of former colleagues with a wide range of
experience in video game development. The team members share a deep
concern about environmental issues and animal welfare. This inspired
them to join forces and create something meaningful that explores these

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About HandyGames

HandyGames™ is a THQ Nordic family member and
operates as an international publisher for mid-sized projects and
developers for a worldwide audience.

The focus lies on creating
and publishing games for current gen consoles like PlayStation®4, the
Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X or Nintendo Switch™ as
well as games for Steam and many other PC gaming distribution channels.
HandyGames™ produces titles for new innovative gaming platforms, for
example VR (Virtual Reality) on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear
VR, but also offers games of all kind of genres for Android smartphones
and tablets, Apple iPhones, iPads and many other mobile and smart

As a games company and that is truly passionate about
gaming, we always strive for gameplay innovation. We received the German
Developer Award as “Best German Game Studio” in 2015 and produced and
published award-winning games of virtually every video gaming genre
imaginable for a diverse range of audiences and gameplay styles. One
example is “Townsmen VR” which was awarded with the German Games Award
2018 in the category “Best Game Design”.

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