MINImax Tinyverse How to play: Gliptos Charger


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The Gliptos Charger was just trying to catch some Z’s and someone had to wake him up. Whoever did it is going to have to pay for it… with their LIFE.

Tips on playing Creaea’s newest trooper

The Gliptos Charger rides a very sturdy moose, so he’s tough to take down – unless you’re a magic user, of course. If you’re up against some Magi Bullet Snipers, be sure to take them out before they hang up their new moose head over their mantle.

Weilding is trusty hammer, the Gliptos Charger bludgeons his enemies. He’s very good at making enemies who wear medium armor fall asleep… forever.

Moooooove out of the way if you see the Gliptos Charger coming. If you find yourself under the hooves of his moose, it’s bad news. The moose charges for a bit and does a lot of damage in a small area. He also knocks enemies

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