RE:OZMA reveals new demo trailer and Indiegogo campaign with demo version release in October of 2019.

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SHIFTRICK, Indie game studio reveals new demo trailer for RE:OZMA    
-2D Hybrid-Sandbox PC game : Combining 6 game genres, this game creates enjoyment from playing with others
-Indiegogo campaign launched with demo version planned for release in October of 2019

RE:OZMA reveals new demo trailer and Indiegogo campaign with demo version release in October of 2019.   

SEOUL, South Korea (Sept. 20, 2019) – Indie game studio Shiftrick reveals that it is releasing it’s very first game RE:OZMA’s ( demo trailer, with further plans to launch an Indiegogo campaign and first demo version in October 2019. 

RE:OZMA is a hybrid game based in a sandbox, combining 6 game genres: Space strategy,  Simulation, Shooting, Rogue-like, RPG, and Platformer. Placed in a wide-open virtual environment, players become an ‘Alien Creature’ with their own planet, to encounter countless players randomly and ultimately creates its own world. 

As players explore the planets, they experience a variety of game genres, with items and data from each game genre linked to each other, all of which can be played together on an online network server. 

RE:OZMA has been in development for a year and six months and was exhibited at the Boston PAX EAST in March of this year where 500 lucky fans played the first version, giving hot, meaningful feedback. Over the six months since, Shiftrick has been dedicated to the implementation of online network play and the development of new genres to improve the game.

This demo trailer focuses on the sandbox and space strategy genres and gives a glimpse into RE:OZMA’s unique stats and skill system. Skill system allows you to play with your own strategy by placing skill that collects through monsters, quests, and manufacturing to suit your situation.

 RE:OZMA will launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the final phase of game development. In October, a demo version will be released exclusively to backers. RE: OZMA plans to release the PC version via Steam at the end of 2019.

Official Demo trailer:


If you have any questions or are interested in a first playable demo version for previews, please contact us.

SHIFTRICK is a new start-up company founded in March, 2018. Starting members of SHIFTRICK have an average of 11 years of experience going back to the early 2000s: from working for a large publishing game company to a game developing company. We have been launching and providing service for 15 PC game titles in various countries. The team currently has 5 and we are is working on our debut game Re:Ozma, coming to Steam in 2019.   

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