Ahoy, Mateys! We’re launching the new Pirate’s Treasure Pass: Get ready to set sail!

  • The Shore Patrol Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Patch 7 - Pirate’s Treasure
  • The Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of Pirate’s Treasure, and is scheduled to end in early November.


Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass.

All players start earning Pirate’s Treasure experience as soon as Pirate’s Treasure is released, leveling up from 1 to 50. Battle Pass purchasers unlock premium rewards every level, along with the free track rewards, and gain exclusive access to Battle Pass Plus!

The Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can unlock up to 150 Crystals through the Battle Pass, reducing the cost to 450 Crystals. Level up with faster by completing challenges, and unlock up to 8 Epic Champions skins!

Dive into this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a quick purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels! You can start playing with the Pirate IoPirate Ruckus, and Pirate Maeve skins right away!

The Battle Passport costs 1500 Crystals, saving you over 1000 Crystals!

 Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

  • Pirate’s Treasure Io
  • Deep Sea Animated Loading Frame
  • First Mate Announcer Pack
  • 50% Boost

Level 10 - Pirate’s Treasure Ruckus

 Level 30 - Pirate’s Treasure Maeve

 Level 50 - Mermaid Ying

Battle Pass Plus Rewards
Level 20 - Eight Oceans Maeve

 Level 30 - Eight Oceans Ruckus

 Level 40 - Siren Ying

 Level 50 - Eight Oceans Io

 Other Battle Pass Exclusive Unlocks


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