Golden Knights Universe – Thailand Discord is Now Open!

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Golden Knights Universe, the new and addictive game from SKY Entertainment, now opens a new Discord channel for players from Thailand! Join your fellow Captains from Thailand here: Knights Universe is set on a medieval future where Humans and Demons have been at war with each other for hundreds of years. You take the role of a Captain who must lead a team of brave heroes to victory and rescue the King’s daughter from the hands of the Demons who abducted her

.This action-packed mobile RPG is filled with 200 heroes with unique skills and hundreds of powerful items to collect.

Lead your heroes on an adventure and defeat powerful enemies in Campaign mode. Additionally, the game also features other exciting PvP modes such as the Arena and Guild Wars.Players of Golden Knights Universe can either control their heroes as they go through the adventure or just watch them hack-and-slash their enemies on autopilot. Whether you have lots of free time to spend or you’re always on-the-go, Golden Knights Universe is the perfect game for you!About Golden Knights UniverseGolden Knights Universe is the new and highly-addictive mobile RPG from Korean developer SKY Entertainment. The game features over 200 heroes with unique skills and hundreds of powerful items to collect. Players can either control their heroes or watch them clear the stage automatically.Official LinksGoogle Play Store: App Store: (Official): (Thailand): Entertainment Website:

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