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Welcome to Project Spark. Help our little android friend navigate across multiple, challenging levels in search of bio-matter. You see, we are in desperate need of those primarily to restore human civilization and undo the damage caused by our own problem child - Artificial Intelligence.


Spark Five Embark on a classical adventure in a post- apocalyptic world and join the fight to bring back humanity. You must explore, adapt and formulate the best strategies to win.

Set in an abstract sci-fi setting, Spark Five utilizes a combination of puzzle and stealth elements. Play a number of extremely challenging levels and apply subtle tactics to make your way out. Certain levels may require multiple attempts to complete. There are two playable campaigns along with ten custom scenarios in the latest version (1.2.1).

In the near future, humans are terminated at the hands of their own creation. Artificial Intelligence proved to be the last major invention by mankind. Realizing that the inevitable end was drawing closer every passing minute, multiple organizations came together to create a consortium of sorts.
Project Spark was initiated, its sole objective being the restoration of intelligent organic life that would be capable of defeating the dominant Nemesis A.I. Taking advantage of a split in the Nemesis's personality, scientists went on to create a powerful android that would pursue the desired objective long after humans ceased to exist.

Screenshots, icons, store page links and a link to the trailer video are attached in the mail.

About Me:
I am an independent game developer from India and Spark Five is my first commercial title to be released on Steam. I work under the name "Techbridge Interactive". My aim is to create awesome single player games with unique design and revolutionary concepts.
Location: Guwahati, India

"My great adventure. I love such games and I really enjoyed this one, with pleasant artwork, fitting sound and atmosphere of challenge. My recommendations for everyone." - Cards, Money and Game Reviews
"An awesome piece of the puzzle-action game. Run, hide, make explosions, set up some circumspect traps. Fun and interesting at the same time!" - Steam Illuminati
"Spark Five is a prime example of what indie devs can achieve. Simple, but well executed." - When Out Of Money

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