Turin, 16/9/2019 – PMF2020 is a football management simulator for iOS and Android. Devised by long term fans of the the football manager genre and developed by 3×1010 in collaboration with MixedBag, the game will be available on September 26, 2019 worldwide.

The player takes over the reins of a sleeping giant, on the verge of bankruptcy.

Will the new manager be able to lead the team back to former glories, returning the club to its proper place in the top-tier?

Inspired by the classic games of the 90’s (The Manager, Player Manager, Premier Manager) 3×1010 latest offering redefines football simulation games. Strategic depth and a simple user friendly interface combine to create a fun and immersive experience. PMF2020 brings the gaming experience to the next level by combining the spirit of vintage games with the power of modern technology.

One of the game’s many strengths is the stylised graphics in glorious retro pixel art. Not only does this define the game appearance, it’s fundamental to the game mechanics. Each player can have over 100 different moods, emotions are literally written on faces by a graphics algorithm. When playing you must interpret each footballers temperament and act accordingly.

The built-in editor allows for the creation of millions of different players and infinite possibilities. You can also collect stickers of star players to give your team bonuses and additional powers.

Powered by a sophisticated rock solid management engine, every single aspect of the team is under your control. Make tactical decisions mid game based on the state of play. Implement the correct strategy at the opportune moment to succeed. Can you climb the divisions, triumphing in all competitions to become the best manager in the world?

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Cast your way into the Magic gathering Arena with Fandomfare Live on FaceBook Between 10:30 & 12:30 Every day @JadiriGamer

Key point

  • Authentic, complex and immersive game simulation.
  • State-of-the-art pixelated graphics.
  • Easy to play, difficult to master.
  • Play in the game as yourself, your friends or recreate your favorite players with the built-in character editor.
  • Each football player has more than a hundred moods and emotions.
  • An original collectible card system to power up your team.
  • Constant ongoing updates with the introduction of new game features.

Release Date: September 26 2019

Platform: iOS / Android

About 3×1010

Based in Turin, our studio of independent professionals specialise in the design and development of video games and software for mobile, desktop and web. Utilising sophisticated IT solutions and cutting edge technologies to enhance our clients’ projects, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach.

About MixedBag

MixedBag, an independent development studio focused on the creation and development of new and original IPs for console, PC and mobile.

MixedBag published its first console game, Futuridium EP Deluxe, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2014, and has since successfully shipped games on all major platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Pc, Mac, iOS, Android and Facebook Gameroom.

MixedBag is currently working on a new unannounced game for a major first party.

Installing PMF2020 for review

To install on iOS, you need to install Apple’s Test Flight application and follow the instructions to install the PMF2020 (it should be very simple, just open the link below with your phone and it should guide you):


To install on Android, we kindly ask you to send an email requesting the apk to this email address:

[email protected]×1010.it


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