Co-op stealth roguelike Signal Decay launching

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Assemble a cyber agent team in this stealth roguelike adventure solo or for up to three players. Master highly tactical combat, work together closely, infiltrate procedurally-generated enemy sites strategically and optimize your gears to destroy Broadcasters and save humanity from mind-control.

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With Signal Decay, I pay homage to my favorite genre of stealth action, as well as games such as Monaco, XCOM, and Metal Gear that had profound influence on me as a designer.

I love cooperative experiences as they make me feel emotionally connected at a higher level to other people. Working solo, I was often alone and enduring loneliness. So I was looking for the kind of teamwork and gameplay of depth and variety with memorable dramatic moments. And with these beacons and inspirations, I created Signal Decay.

After I graduated from the NYU Game Center, I dreamt of staying in the US, but tight visa restrictions compelled me to return to China. I’ve worked out of cafes, dorms, bedrooms, co-working spaces, through snow, oppressive heat, and acid rains, for 5 years to make this dream a reality.

Thank you for taking the time. Feel free to checkout presskit for more info.


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