“Bloom: Memories” Continues Despite Troubled Development

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Through the rocky development spanning 6+ years and long evaporated support… the creative lead of “Bloom: Memories” continues to carry on towards completion of her ambitious RPG (for PC) while documenting the final journey on Youtube (enabled through moving home to parents farm in Kansas to continue work).

Besides featuring progress updates as the RPG comes together, the Youtube channel also hosts various overviews of the previous years and how the game has evolved.

To date, the development of “Bloom: Memories” has made it past major setbacks such as core team members abandoning the project, to rebuilding in a new engine years into development. Yet, the journey is still somehow kept alive as the team faces the reality of creating an ambitious game in a saturated and indifferent market. ETA: A couple months, on Steam and Itch.io
 Studio Fawn is a tiny indie team of several people, headed by Ivory, having one released title to their name (Bloom: Labyrinth, available on Steam and itch.io ). Twitter: @studiofawn 

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