Welcome to ‘Death Lap,’ where death and destruction blend raw horsepower and engine! Introducing a VR combat racing game, where players must demonstrate the skillful art of racing. Driving and shooting skills make the difference between life or death.


Players get ahead of their rivals through pickup bonuses to go faster or destroy their opponents and boosters to go more quickly for a short time. Around the clock challenge where drivers get speed bonuses or more energy when they perform stunts. Adding to the hilarious racing action is the use of the deadly supply of weapons, allowing racers to kill one another on the road to victory.

It usually takes a

Single or multiplayer this game allows racers to fight each other on a variety of unique tracks. The drivers must destroy the maximum number of opponents while competing for the first place.

The purpose of this toolkit is to suggest ways to promote our new title ‘Death Lap’ as widely as possible. From now onwards, a press release will be sent out every month including new marketing collateral and more details about the game.


Let us introduce you to Nitro Saint Payne, the most wonderful, marvelous, and handsome host. A prodigious racer from the age of sixteen. He learned the skillful art of racing from his father, and he even broke the world’s land speed record, accelerating well over 850 mph. But, during what was to be his 500th win, he foolishly allowed his wife and daughter to ride in his racecar. On his last lap, he spun, and he crashed. The car rolled thirty-three times. He was the only survivor.

Filled with such rage, he devolved into madness, but he embraced the humor in it all. He turned to insanity for healing of his grief, and traded his legacy of honor and achievement for Maniacal Horror and Pure, Magnificent Entertainment, which developed into ‘Death Lap’ — a way for him to “create” the next greatest racer, someone worthy for him to pass his title to, through any means necessary. The victor will inherit a mighty legacy!

Nitro Saint Payne is a fictional character inspired by a mix of famous supervillains — Arcade from Marvel Comics, a combination of an evil genius and a hitman; Mojo from Marvel Comics, a ruler, slave trader and host of a deadly show; Dan Killian in The Running Man science fiction novel written by Stephen King; Joker, the criminal mastermind and archenemy of the superhero Batman; and last but not least, Cruella de Vil, the main antagonist of The Hundred and One Dalmatians, a pop-culture type epitomizing a person who is very, very mean, and has an enormous ego.

He is portrayed by Gil Alma, a French actor, comedian and producer. He was awarded by Talents Adami Cannes 2008.

Marketing collateral: you can download the OZWE logo in black or white, Death Lap logo and three screenshots in png format. Also, we have made a special section of GIFs to give a variety of possibilities while communicating about us: https://ozwe.com/DeathLap-MarketingCollateral


The below template is a guide that includes key messages that can be used to help you communicate about our new game: ‘Death Lap’.


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