SkyWeaver – Official Reveal Trailer

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SIGN UP FOR EARLY ACCESS: Welcome to SkyWeaver! A worldwide competitive trading card game from another dimension.

Customize your decks to suit any playstyle, gain the allegiance of ethereal creatures in Sky, and ascend the ranks to become a legendary SkyWeaver!

Sign up for early access! Follow us on & Join our Discord: Pioneer a new dimension of gaming, and join us on this journey! #tcg#ccg

Actually no, not Magic: The Gathering — the world acclaimed game, which has delivered more than 20 billion cards in the most recent decade. Rather, I played the knock-off made by the proprietors of Dungeons and Dragons. Despite the fact that Spellfire was far less well known, we by the by spent innumerable hours playing, gathering, and exchanging these cards. The way of life and network these collectible games make have persevered through and flourished even as the web has associated us and gaming has to a great extent moved into the advanced world.

At that point Hearthstone appeared and restored each one of those sentiments in a lovely computerized bundle. 100 million enlisted players later, it's a marvel. Be that as it may, there's as yet something missing: genuine proprietorship. While I've spent genuine cash to purchase these cards that I can use in the game, I can't exchange them, sell them, or do anything with them other than sign on to Hearthstone and play with them. But then individuals still spend bunches of cash on them (the computerized game card market is as of now $1.5B).

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