Jadiri Gamer friday Edition of the MTGA Daily Challenge Today today kill 30 Creatures , ok we are at the point now where in order to get the 100 level by Rotation and the new XP count we will need to gain 1 Level every day From level 89 how ever we have the advantage of the play standard 2020 event which is free and for every 2 games in a row you gain xp this shouldd be fine.

WOW, The state of Beta Today in MTGA we are looking at a game severely out of balance, showing no signs of getting better even after Rotation taking all our Decks away won't help the balance of the game at all.

it is becoming clear that the free play standard 2020 event will not help anyone who honestly needs to carch up on XP basically to play this and win 2 in a row enough to catch up you will have to BY more and more 2020 cards because people who need to catch up are the casual player who dont has big collection they only play now and again freely not every waking hour they want to enjoy it when they come even if they had to be an away a few weeks or months because of life .

MTGA Daily Quest and Mastery XP catch up 13 days to Rotation & counting

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even I have not been able to get more than 3 XP points from it in the last week and I have more than a few 2020 decks to put out there I dont play more than casually but I play every day to get all the quest point gold and wild card that one can freely .there are many in that event playing with cards I have never seen before doing things that resemble cheating than playhing MTG.

Just an honest over veiw of the state of Beta it is so slanted and out of ballance only the best of the best and biggest spenders will be aboe to play and win consistantly they will be pushing all other out maybe that is there plan a club frozen choosen player in an old dieing game.
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