Eternal Set 7 announced: The Flame of Xulta!

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New Eternal Set: The Flame of XultaThe Flame of Xulta introduces five exciting mechanics and over 200 cards to Eternal! More spoilers will be revealed soon!

New Keyword: Mastery Those who persevere grow in their abilities, and gain Mastery of their own destiny! Check out the first new mechanic from the upcoming set The Flame of Xulta!

Community Spoilers
It's Spoiler Season for Set 7, and we adding The Flame of Xulta Spoilers to the Community Store! The first group sold out quickly, so keep an eye out for future batches coming soon! Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne is now available!
Here's what the reviewers are saying about Chronicles: "Ridiculously fun. A deck builder meets strategy card battle from the people who brought you Clank!" --Becca Scott"Borrows a lot of elements from other types of card games, and I really appreciate that!"--BoardPep Claim the Eternal Throne online or at a friendly local game store near you!

The Flame of Xulta Spoilers

The Flame of Xulta introduces five exciting new mechanics to Eternal that will be revealed in full in the coming weeks. Spoilers will begin this weekend from PAX West – come visit us in Booth 6103 for a chance to get first crack at new cards coming from The Flame of Xulta!

Community Spoilers will return to the Community Store in September for 35,000 Influence each.

As with Dark Frontier, each batch of spoilers is small, and will be delivered to you via email within two business days. How and when you spoil your card is up to you — Reddit? Twitter? Shared with a favorite streamer on Twitch? — it’s all fair game, so have fun with it.

Get Ready for a New Expedition and a new Season!

With the upcoming release of The Flame of Xulta, the Expedition format will cycle out The Empty Throne, among other changes, and become part of the rotation for Eternal’s Organized Play offerings! Final details are still being sorted out, but we’re excited for Eternal‘s next chapter and upcoming season!

In the meantime, join the next Expedition event on September 6, with a prize pool of $1,000.

Here’s the first of the 200+ new cards to come!

Felrauk may have been cast out of Xulta for crimes against the Ancestors, but you can cast him out of your hand for fun and profit!

Honor the Ancestors when The Flame of Xulta releases in September!


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