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Currently we have had 30,000 following this game and ranked 2nd on keymailer as we had 4,000 requests! We had queues in Insomnia UK Gaming Festival.

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PLEASE NOTE: Reviews, Steaming and gameplay footage is embargoed until 10th September. 7am PDT/ 3pm BST / 4pm CEST

It's much appreciated you want to review Arcade Tycoon

Arcade Tycoon is a build and manage simulation, where you buy the latest machines to prise hard earn cash off guests, customize your arcade to keep guests happy, hire mafia to stop crime, inspired by theme hospital, prison architect and game dev story.

Cost and Release

Early Access Release Thursday 12th September 3pm GMT - 11am ET

 £14.99 with 20% off one week only - £11.99

£1.99 Soundtrack.

Current State

Currently we're still working on campaign, Tutorial and Sandbox is there to play!

Currently English Language only, we will localize to others next year.

What we're working on that will be added up until Christmas, mafia that you can hire to protect you, thieves and robbers who steal from you, characters nuns, cowboys, kids, campaign, challenge modes and objectives. These are all in process of being added in.


Guests may walk into road when blocked in.

Tutorial needs adjusting, quick help guide below.

Quick Help Guide

How to support

How players can support. If you can't purchase the game at the current time a simple wishlisting would help!

 INSOMNIA UK gaming festival

Arcade Tycoon was shown there for the first time and exploded, we had queues, kids loved it and reminded adults of old games like theme hospital and simcity.


Please link any videos with the steam game

Arcade Tycoon Build and Manage Simulation Early Access On Steam Now

It would be great to receive positive reviews, any suggestions please email

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @thearcadetycoon



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