MTGA PlanesWalkers Mondays Edition of the MTGA Daily Challenge

ESports FANDOMFARE Live Game streaming

MTGA PlanesWalkers Mondays Edition of the MTGA Daily Quest today's Colors Blue and white just got the new update lets hope its all working Smooth today ..

This was the First regular Stream work out for the new Laptop what a huge difference more memory can make.

well today was very quick and painless surprisingly for a day with an MTG ARENA big update all went well. this new laptop with more memory really makes a huge difference in gameplay and streaming. it's not new it refurbished old machine but it's very affordable this way Love when you can save more than 50% on such things.

The Laptop being refurbished is a bit older missing a few Modern goodies but nothing that will be badly missed I do wish it had the SSD but it is plenty fast Enough Just runs a bit warmer then newer Counterparts, and we need to get an adaptor for out Headset so we can use both headphones and mic together.

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