Ragnarok Online Revo-Classic is open!

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The legendary MMORPG Ragnarok Online has just reopened in Europe under a new publisher and a new version — Revo-Classic. For the first time European players will be able to enjoy this version and feel the true revival of this classic MMORPG!

Ragnarok was first published in 2002 in South Korea. The game originally featured classic mmorpg attributes such as massive wars, complex hero ability trees

interesting Scandinavian lore, balanced PvE and PvP mechanics. Nowadays every MMORPG usually contains these classic features, but it all started with the original Ragnarok. Ragnarok Revo-Classic is already being played in Thailand, Philippines and the CIS countries. Ragnarok Revo-Classic is a mix of the classic and modern mechanics. It means that players will start their game like in the good old days: in their favorite locations, with the max level set at 99/70 and without 3rd classes.

How will the beginning work?In the beginning of the OBT players will be able to receive awards for getting the maximum levels. Because of players’ activity at 4game’s social networks at the CBT stage server will start with EXP and DROP bonuses +35% for the first month.

The first player to reach the level 99/50 will be awarded the legendary Costume Crown of Legendary %nickname% (without bonus features) and the possibility to upgrade weapon to +7 and armor to +6. Also there are 12 sets of awards for players within each class for reaching the maximum level. They will get the Costume Crown of Might (without bonuses to the characteristics) and the possibility to upgrade weapon to +7 and armor to +6The race winner will be determined according to the time of application to our support with a screenshot confirming that the player has achieved the maximum level. Applications must be sent to the Events section at https://eu.4gamesupport.com

Pre-order kits are no longer available. It will be possible to activate the already purchased ones with promo codes within a month after the release of the game.Right now in the game the available locations are Prontera, Geffen, Payon, Alberta, Morroc, Aldebaran, Yuno, Comodo, Izlude, Umbala, Lutie, Jawaii and Glastheim. Other territories  and classes will be added later with the updates.All upgrades will be released step by step in a regular way, so players can enjoy the old fashioned Ragnarok and relive their journey from the very start to the top of the ranks.

You will still play a hardcore MMORPG, but in a modern way — you won’t need ages to achieve success, as it used to be.Join the original MMORPG experience and play like in the good old days! 

●     Official site: https://eu.4game.com/ro/
Trailer https://youtu.be/prhlCqfSUNw
●     Social networks: https://twitter.com/RagnarokEu
●     Forum: https://eu.4gameforum.com/categories/1812/

About Ragnarok Online

Legendary Korean MMORPG released by Gravity in 2002 and published in several countries all over the world. The game universe is based on the manga Ragnarok by Lee Myung-jin. The Revo-Classic version strikes the right balance between classic and modern mechanics. Old-school players remember RO, mainly, for its large-scale PvP events, non-linear character development, and unique graphics that combine 2D and 3D elements. Ragnarok Revo-Classic is already being played in South Korea, Brazil, the CIS countries. The game has inspired millions of players all over the world to remember how a true MMORPG should be played.4gameAn international platform that distributes online games for Russia, Europe, and Brazil. Since 2004 it has released more than two dozen massive multiplayer online games, including popular MMORPGs Lineage 2, Aion, Blade and Soul, online shooters Ironsight, Point Blank, and others. 4game provides access to European servers of Lineage 2 and RF Online. To this date, the platform has over 55 million users.

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